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"Embark on a splish splashy quest with your friendly fish Squirt!"

The newest game from GameHouse is playing at a pond near you. Splash is an action, puzzle and strategy packed game that is both addictive and fun. Control Squirt, your water shooting super fish, to keep those pesky wooden balls out of your serene pond. Amazing backgrounds and special effects makes Splash a game you won't soon forget.

by Gamehouse
Free Splash Games Downloads

FREE Splash trial version
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Free Splash Game Download

Splash Game screenshots, click images to enlarge

Splash Game screenshot 1 Splash Game screenshot 2 Splash Game screenshot 3
FREE Splash trial version
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Free Splash Game Download
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Splash Game descriptions and features

Game features:
  • Three difficulty modes
  • Super cute graphics and animation
  • Powerups and bonuses
  • Combo moves
  • Bonus levels

Christina P
"Splash is so fun and easy to play. I love the graphics. GameHouse orginal games never cease to amaze me."

"Here's a big tip! Hold down the mouse button! I can't stop playing this game, tediously addicting."

"Squirt is so cute :)"

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